Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tea Consumpion in UK

Tea was introduced in UK after the seventeenth century by Catherine of Braganza who was spouse of Charles II. The popularity spread fast and tea houses sprung up in UK. It was mr. Twining who first opened a tea house solely for ladies. He then went on to create more tea house to form a chain. 

Earlier the coffee house used to sell ale and gin  but soon the hot brew took over. it began to sell more than the ale and gin.  The government chose to tax ale and gin but nit tea further boosting its sales. This was a good move because most of the common populace through out drinks from their lifestyle. 

The popular afternoon or high tea was popularized by Duchess of Bedford Anna Russel.  Not forgetting to mention East India Tea Company was ordained monopoly over whole of Britain in the year 1832. Earl Gray Tea by Twinnings is the most popular blend in England now.

Today the British are one of the largest consumer of this hot beverage in Europe. The brew overtook coffee sales in private coffee houses. The government tried to discourage consumption by taxing tea which however caused smuggling of the product.   

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